Book a Private Water Taxi in Sydney!

Posted by Editorial on 7th Jul 2022

Port Jackson, also known as Sydney Harbour, is widely regarded around the globe as one of the most beautiful places in the world. From gleaming waters and sunset views to the presence of iconic landmarks like the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Port Jackson is understandably a bucket list destination that tourists travel thousands of miles to behold with their own eyes.

At Sydney Cove Water Taxis, our stance is this: if you are going to experience Sydney Harbour for the first time especially if you travelled a long way to see it-you should get to experience it the right way. As the majority of Sydney locals would tell you, the sights of Sydney Harbour are best observed from out on the water. And when you charter a water taxi tour from Sydney Cove, we won’t just give you the best views of the Sydney Harbour, but we’ll serve them with a hearty side of comfort and luxury.

Indeed, at Sydney Cove, we can provide you with the most comfortable private water taxis in Sydney. Instead of cramming 20-some passengers into a shared boat for a cramped, uncomfortable tour of the harbour, we provide exclusive 20 to up to 28 seat capacity boats for you and your guests so you can revel in the beauty of Sydney Harbour with friends and family instead of being irritated by strangers or loud tour guides.

We know all the best spots on the Harbour for those perfect photo opportunities as well. Our knowledgeable skippers can inform you with some commentary about what you are seeing as you cruise if you wish.

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