How do I organise my trip?

You can do this a number of ways.

If you book your journey ahead of time, it is the best way to guarantee a water taxi will be available for you.

Book on line through our website at sydneycovewatertaxis.com.au or phone us directly on 0414 708020. For same day bookings, phone bookings are recommended. In both instances we will need to take your credit card details to secure a booking. Also, you can take a trip without booking if we are standing by and available.

How do the prices work?

Prices are determined by the distance between point A and point B based on the number of people travelling. Generally the minimum charge covers 1-4 people that being the flag fare and for every additional person travelling there is an additional cost per/person thereafter.

Please refer to our quoting system to find out the cost of your intended trip. For bookings made after hours, there is a surcharge applied to the base quote indicated. This surcharge amount will only show in the booking form when the date and time of your intended booking are entered by you.

In some instances you may need to call us directly on 0414 70 80 20 to get a quote if there are multiple pickups and drop offs, if you are carrying equipment, or wish to add tour time into your trip. Sydney Cove Water Taxis is confident that we offer good competitive rates.

Where can we go to on the harbour?

Anywhere inside the headlands of Sydney Harbour. We are based in Sydney Cove and from there we can go to Manly or through the Spit to Middle Harbour, Darling Harbour or anywhere up the Parramatta or Lane Cove Rivers. We can pick you up from your private wharf, vessel or from any public wharf.

How many passengers can you take on board?

Our vessels carry from 20 up to 28 passengers. For more passengers we can organise a second, third or more boats if necessary.

Do you do tours of the Harbour?

Yes. Harbour tours are very popular. Our vessel is excellent for all round viewing and comfort. You can also have commentary about the Harbour sights from your skipper if you wish and we know all the best spots to get excellent photos. Tours range from 15 minutes to 1 or more hours.

What hours do you operate?

Generally between the hours of 09:00am and 22:30pm. We are happy to take bookings outside of these hours if you need us. An additional late or early  fee will apply for bookings before 8:00am (7 days) and after 10:45 pm (Mon. to Sat.) and after 10:00 pm on Sunday.

How does the weather affect us?

Usually we prefer to travel with the clear windows rolled up out the way for uninterrupted viewing in good weather.

If the weather should take a turn for the worse, then we can lower the clears to block out the wind and/or the rain. Visibility is still excellent even with the protective clears lowered.

If I missed my cruise, can you take me there?

Yes, we do vessel transfers. We can take you to most charter vessels and private vessels on the harbour. Prices vary depending on vessel location. Please note that we cannot go to all vessels as some are too difficult or unsafe to transfer to.

Can we go to the Islands in the Harbour?

Yes, you will need to organise a permit through National Parks & Wildlife Service

Is drinking and smoking allowed?

Smoking is definitely not allowed on board.
If you bring your own, you may enjoy a drink on board. Intoxicated passengers may be refused to board for safety reasons.