Australia Day Water Taxi

Australia Day January 26

On 26 January each year, Australians celebrate their national day. The date commemorates the anniversary of the arrival of the First Fleet from Great Britain.

There’s nothing quite like Australia Day on Sydney Harbour, so come and see all the sights here with us in our fabulous iconic water taxis. There is so much to see, the ferry races, heritage boats and ships from a bygone era, spectacular aerial flyovers, and places to go! there are so many! We can take you to all the restaurants, parks and many other venues all over the harbour wherever something is happening you want to get to.

See our Instant Quote Guide with our comprehensive list of destinations we can take you to, with the prices to get you there. You can then make your booking online, just follow the prompts.

Also, have a look at our Restaurant Guide at the top of the page for some ideas if you’re looking for somewhere to go on the day.

See you there!