Homebush Olympic Park

for the 2000 Summer Olympics. It offers a wide range of attractions and hosts various events throughout the year. Here are some popular attractions and events you can find at Sydney Olympic Park:


ANZ Stadium: Formerly known as Stadium Australia, ANZ Stadium is the main sporting and entertainment venue in the park. It has a capacity of over 80,000 seats and hosts major events such as rugby, football (soccer), concerts, and more.

Qudos Bank Arena: This indoor arena is one of the largest in Sydney, accommodating up to 21,000 people. It hosts a variety of concerts, live performances, and sporting events throughout the year.

Aquatic Centre: The Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre is a state-of-the-art facility with multiple pools, including a 50-meter competition pool, a wave pool, and water slides. It's open to the public for swimming and other water activities.

Sports Halls: There are several sports halls in the park that cater to a wide range of indoor sports such as basketball, netball, badminton, and more. These venues are often used for local competitions and training.


Bike Tracks and Parklands: Sydney Olympic Park offers extensive bike tracks and parklands, making it a great destination for cycling, walking, picnicking, and other outdoor activities. Bicycles can be rented on-site.

Blaxland Riverside Park: This large riverside park is a popular spot for families. It features playgrounds, climbing structures, water play areas, and barbecue facilities, providing a great place for kids to enjoy outdoor activities.

Sydney Olympic Park Archery Centre: Archery enthusiasts can try their hand at this world-class archery facility. The center offers lessons and equipment hire for both beginners and experienced archers.

Sydney Showground: Located within Sydney Olympic Park, the Sydney Showground hosts a range of events including trade shows, exhibitions, festivals, and the annual Royal Easter Show, which features agricultural displays, entertainment, and amusement rides.

Parklands Sports Centre: This sports complex offers a variety of indoor facilities for sports like tennis, hockey, soccer, and more. It caters to both recreational players and professional athletes.


Entertainment Quarter: Located adjacent to Sydney Olympic Park, the Entertainment Quarter is a hub for entertainment and dining. It features cinemas, restaurants, bars, and a range of entertainment options.


Traveling to Homebush Olympic Park by Sydney Cove water taxis offers a unique and scenic experience. Departing from any Sydney Harbour Wharf, you'll embark on a leisurely boat ride along the sparkling waters, enjoying breathtaking views of the iconic Sydney Harbour. As you cruise upstream, the picturesque landscapes gradually transform into the lush greenery of Homebush Olympic Park. Our water taxis provides a convenient and comfortable way to reach the park, allowing you to relax and soak in the beauty of the surroundings. Whether you're heading to an event, exploring the attractions, or simply enjoying a day in nature, the journey to Homebush Olympic Park by water taxi adds a touch of charm and adventure to your visit.

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