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There’s no such thing as cosmic justice. Of this you’re sure – because a lifetime of good intentions and better deeds shouldn’t leave you stuck in traffic, squinting at the endless chrome rows ahead of you, wincing at the horns blaring behind. You’ve done nothing to deserve such punishment. Why, then, must a trip to Darling Harbour turn into an expedition? Cars roar in from Pyrmont, Chinatown, and the CBD… and you find yourself trapped in the chaos.

Sydney Cove suggests embracing a simpler form of travel. We offer Darling Harbour boat tours, providing access to the precinct’s many attractions (without forcing passengers to endure the horrors of city traffic). Let us serve as your first choice of transportation.

Sydney Cove: About Us

Since 2008 Sydney Cove has provided travellers with the ease, convenience, and luxury of water taxiing. Our Sydney Harbour tours – which extend from Abbotsford to Yarranabbe Park – allow for stress-free explorations of the city, eliminating the frustration of traditional traffic. They deliver custom itineraries, with each guest determining both their destinations and schedules. This ensures that each Darling Harbour visit begins (and ends) successfully.

In need of Sydney Harbour transport? We offer a variety of tours, transfers, and more – ferrying you to every destination in the comfort of a 24-seater taxi.

Our Darling Harbour Boat Tours and Transfers?

From the slow trudge through downtown traffic, you catch glimpses of Darling Harbour – spying it between the skyscrapers and fume-spilling cars. This, the Sydney Cove team believes, is no way to experience downtown. Choose instead to marvel at the full sweep of the inlet while riding in our limousine taxi. Let us chart a course to your destination, while you relax onboard our stylish vessel. Discover magnificent views and access to world-class activities.

Our Sydney Harbour tours accommodate all needs, allowing passengers to tailor trips to their precise preferences. Choose pick-up destinations (including public wharfs, private wharfs, or vessel), drop-off destinations, scheduling, and even ship transfers. We adapt to all itineraries – and this extends to our tour-blocking, with times ranging from 15 minutes to 180 minutes. Through this flexibility, our Sydney Harbour transports enable guests to travel the breadth of Darling Harbour – without having to face rush-hour traffic.

Scheduling Darling Harbour Boat Tours: Our Hours

Planning Sydney Harbour tours is easy, with our limousine taxi sailing out seven days a week.

Monday – Sunday

10.00am – 11.30pm (Bookings before 8.00am available for an additional fee.)

Sunday – Thursday

Bookings after 11.30pm available for an additional fee.

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Darling Harbour doesn’t inspire thoughts of adventure – and yet too often, you find yourself braving the perils of heavy traffic to reach it. Consider a more effective (and more comfortable) alternative. Contact us today to learn more:



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